Weed Seed For Hair Growth

Weed is a substance with many benefits. A lot of people are looking for what that they can do with it like how to mix weed with hair cream… With all the controversy going on in today’s world, we have most likely all heard a thing or two about hemp. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in today’s industry. Starting hundreds of years ago, hemp was one of the FIRST plant to be spun and turned into fiber to be used for sails, canvases and clothing.Today,

Easy Guide on How to Mix Weed with Hair Cream

Weed is a substance with many benefits. A lot of people are looking for what that they can do with it like how to mix weed with hair cream. What a lot of people know weed for is basically for smoking, whereas, there are other amazing benefits of this unique leaf.

We have looked in How to grow a beard with Weed in one of our articles but we are not talking on that alone here we are also going to teach you how to mix weed with Hair cream.

Guide on How to Mix Weed with Hair Cream

One of the methods through which weed can be applied to the facial or beard hair is, mixing with cream. But How? Weed can be mixed with hair by concocting wed with hair cream or any other paste-like cream. Here we are discussing Hair Cream, not body cream.

  • Get MyBeardGang cream or buy from Amazon.
  • Then mix the weed and cream together in the right ratio.

At what ratio to mix it depends on the amounts of cream you are using. If you buy from our store, you need 1-2 tablespoons of ground weed. Make sure to get the weed to reach all the parts of the cream. Also, make sure not to store in a place above room temperature and don’t refrigerate if you don’t want it to become grainy.

  • Hair Cream of your choice
  • Bowl
  • Empty container
  • Tablespoon
  • When you buy the hair cream.
  • Grind your weed till it turns powdery( You can make use of Knife and chopping board, pestle and Mortar, Coffee grinder.
  • Measure the powder weed using Tablespoon, make sure it is in the right proportion with the hair cream size.
  • Pour the powder into the Hair cream.
  • Mix it thoroughly till you observe that all part of the cream has been reached.

Do you care to read other ways through which beards can be grown using cannabis? Keep on reading then.

  • Capsules and Pills
  • Liquid (Oil)

What is weed?

Is Weed the real name or a slang?

It is a slang and the proper name is cannabis and the scientific name is Cannabis Sativa, it is made up of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) alongside other 483 compounds. To certain set of people, it is for getting high but to some, it is more than that, you searching for How to mix weed with hair cream is an indicator that you already know what it can do to your beards.

What are the Other Benefits of Weed

Cannabis is in many forms and the fact still remains that they all perform the same function which we are going to talk about here.

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Relief of Chronic Pain

There are over 400 hundred chemical compounds in cannabis, many of them are cannabinoids. Cannabinoids were revealed to provide relief to chronic pain due to their chemical make up. The reasons many drug manufacturing companies are using their by-products as pain relief.

Help Lose weight

Have you noticed that people smoking cannabis are rarely overweight? This is because it is linked to the fact that it assists the body system in regulating while managing the intake of caloric in an efficient way.

Regulate and Prevent Diabetes

Treat Depression

The rate of depression among lots is increasing and it is like we have all decided not to notice it. A chemical compound endocannabinoid found in cannabis can help in treating depression by stabilizing the moods of people.

Other benefits of weed(cannabis) are the Fighting of cancerous cells, gives strength to the bone, helps people suffering from ADHD/ADD, deal with pain linked to arthritis, treats Hepatitis C and also enhances beard hair growth.

Now the last benefit that “ enhances beard hair growth“ is our concern here. Note that this effect is not only applicable to the beard hair alone but to all parts of the human body where hair can grow – body and head.

How to Grow beards using weed in Liquid Form(Oil)

Under this section, we are going to make use of two oil: Hemp and Cannabidiol oil .

Hemp Oil

Hemp with Hemp seed oil as its full name is made up of spectrum oil extracted from the root of the hemp plants. In this form, the THC in it is not more than 0.3% which is the substance that causes users of Cannabis to get high.

Substances in Hemp oil are not of the same amounts as found in its plants, made up of fatty acids and nutrients that are beneficial to the body system and other chemicals that help in the stimulation of hair growth in any part of the body.

If you can get this oil, apply it in the proportion to the area where you want to grow hair, and also doing it consistently will make it easy for you to grow a full-blown beard.

Cannabis Oil (CBD)

It contains more THC compare to Hemp oil, it contains leaves, flowers, and stalks. Cannabis oil is made up of oil with anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing pores clogging on the face. Clogging of pores is one of those things that reduce facial hair growth, therefore using cannabis oil will make facial hair grow faster.

Will Weed Really Grow Your Hair?

This is one of the numerous questions that come to the mind of those looking for ways to get their hair back especially those who have tried all products they could find. And getting the more serious day in day out.

It is a dry leaf, stems, and seed from the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa. The plant contains mind-altering chemical delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and other related compounds.

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So in What way will Weed help in Beard Growth?

Scientifically weed smokers are known to have low testosterone and higher estrogen levels in their body system with rapid hair growth. Smoking of weed has been linked to preventing men from turning bald however this also why marijuana causes impotency.

Marijuana speeds up metabolism. A high rate of metabolism in the body system helps hair grow much faster, biotin work in this same way. There however is a BUT, by boosting your metabolic rate, one can also experience fast aging.

Now that we have looked into the PROS AND CONS of smoking weed, should one go on with it? No, you should not but we have weed in other form and that is CANNABIS OIL.

CANNABIS OIL is a naturally produced oil and it has cured numerous diseases. Which is possible because cannabis works through the endocannabinoid system, the super regulatory system of man that is in charge of maintaining homeostasis in the other body system.

If you have any internal health problems that might be causing severe hair damage and skin disease…this is the oil for you.

To answer your question, YES, weed can make your beard grow but not when you smoke it. The options for you are either mix it Weed with hair/beard cream, make use of cannabis oil or hemp oil.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Mixing Weed With Hair Cream

How can I grind my Weed without Grinder?

You can make use of Coffee grinder, Pestle with Mortar, Knife with Chopping board and Shot glass with scissors.

How often can I apply with Hair cream to my beard?

There are no limitations to how many times you can apply hair cream with weed to your beard. If you can do it twice in a day then go on with it.

When will I start seeing the result?

When you will start seeing the result of all you have done depend on many factors, your genetic make-up, level of nutrients deficiency have a lot to say on when you will start seeing the result. Don’t give up and make sure to do it in the right way.

What are the Side effects of Using Weed With Hair Cream?

Applying mixed hair cream and weed to your hair will have no negative results. Just make sure you mix the weed and cream in the right proportion and you are good to go.

What are the Benefits of CBD Oil for Beard?

CBD oil is a promoter of the growth of the beard.

Hair is mostly made of a protein known as Keratin which includes the hair of the beard. Cannabis Oil is loaded with Omega 6’s, Omega 9 fatty acids and Omega’s 3’s. Omega 9 fatty adds to the protein content of the hair strand which makes the hair stronger.

Cannabis Oil also moisturizes the skin below the beard and moisturizes hair strand.

How can I apply Cannabis Oil to my beard?

  • Pour 3-4 drops of cannabis Oil into your hand.
  • Rub the oil on your palm then onto your beard with the skin below.
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Do this in the morning and evening to get the best result. The smell is cool so you have nothing to worry about.

What kind of Hair Cream can I use?

Their is no specific hair cream that you use choose any hair cream of your choice but make sure it is a good one.

How long will it take before i start seeing result?

When you start seeing result depend on “who you are” and “What you are”: Genetic make up and time you can dedicate to it.

Here on MyBeardGang, you have read on How to mix weed with hair cream, list of benefits of weed, reasons cannabis and hemp oil help in beard growth and many more. And following the instructions we have provided here will provide you remedies to make you grow your beards to that level you have always wanted and also give you edges over your friends that are growing beards.

If you have anything you ask or any complaints to make kindly make use of the comment box. We are seconds away.

Benefits of Hemp (Cannabis) Seed Oil for Hair

With all the controversy going on in today’s world, we have most likely all heard a thing or two about hemp. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants in today’s industry. Starting hundreds of years ago, hemp was one of the FIRST plant to be spun and turned into fiber to be used for sails, canvases and clothing.

Today, hemp is still utilized in a variety of different ways, including paper, clothing and food. The seeds from the hemp plant can also produce an oil. Did you know that this oil can have significant benefits on your hair and skin? Keep reading to find out how….

4 Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil for Hair:

#1: Prevents Breakage:

When hair loses moisture, it can become very dry and break more easily. Hemp Seed Oil helps maintain the natural texture of hair, preventing water loss and adding moisture to the hair and scalp. This is especially important in drier climates or weathers, where hair tends to lose moisture more quickly.

#2: Promotes Hair Growth:

Hemp Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9. These fatty acids are necessary in the production of new growth and supply proper nourishment to the follicle. Hemp seed oil can also improve blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating new hair growth.

#3: Conditions & Softens:

Dryness and irritation are some of the most common scalp conditions. Hemp Seed Oil is full of Vitamin E, which acts as very strong conditioning agent to combat these symptoms. The lipids found in hemp seed oil also increase the natural elasticity of hair.

#4: Strengthens:

Your hair is made of up to 90% protein. Hemp Seed Oil, similarly, contains 25% protein and contributes to keratin formation during the initial growth cycle of the strand. This extra boost of protein from Hemp Seed Oil ensures that hair grows healthier and more vibrant.