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Fast Flowering

SensorySeeds: the best selection of highest quality cannabis strains

SensorySeeds has become the leader in Europe in selling marijuana seeds online, by selecting the best weed seeds for very reasonable prices and by granting express deliveries.

Thanks to the venture with BSF Seeds, the most appreciated seed bank from California, only top shelf quality seeds make their way into our seed bank.

Actually, the acronym BSF stands for “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”: plants, which grow from SensorySeeds cannabis sativa seeds, are larger, more resistant and quicker at blooming.

In addition, SensorySeeds gives you the possibility to choose between the feminized and the automatic version of most of the cannabis strains available in the online shop collection.

Besides these two varieties, in our online store we sell fast growing seeds: we call them the Fast Flowering seeds for their high results in practically no time!

Our brand is the result of a perfect mix of high-quality standards, express delivery, and best prices: everything a seed bank needs to be the number one!

What are the Fast Flowering seeds?

Fast Flowering weed seeds are the ones whose high yield can be obtained in max. 6/7 weeks.

These seeds are so fast to overcome the bloom speed of the automatic seeds’ variety. Their secret is that the plant growing from fast seeds skips entirely the vegetative phase.

This type of marijuana seeds comes from hybrids between a range of feminized seeds and of autoflowering ones; otherwise it can arise from an automatic plant, when subjected to certain types of stress.

Such as the auto weed seeds, they come from feminized seeds and contain the genetic of the Ruderalis cannabis variety.

This means that, first of all, the fast flowering seed will grow a female plant with a probability of 95-99%, like the feminized seed, and also that the plant will be more resistant than any other arising from a regular cannabis seed, thanks to the Ruderalis’ genetics.

The latter is a sativa marijuana variety able to grow even in the most inhospitable environments. This make these weed seeds particularly apt for beginners, since there is no need for a particular cultivation ability. For other cannabis seeds breeders it might be useful to have a yield in the interval between two blooming cycles of other varieties.

Is it legally allowed to buy weed seeds online?

Yes! There are not any legal obstacles in selling and buying cannabis seeds, since they per se do not contain THC.

Nowadays, what many countries forbid is the cultivation of cannabis plants, at least in a domestic environment. In fact, for the moment neither EU nor the UK government have voted for the legalization of cannabis cultivation at home.

That is the reason why SensorySeeds stock of seeds is sold, at great prices, for collection purposes only. The buds that grow from our cannabis seeds have a high THC content, therefore unsuitable for domestic cultivation. Any other usage is, therefore, not of our liability – as indicated in our labels, that further specify that growing plants from our seeds is illegal in the UK.

To better preserve your marijuana seeds genetics’ collections, we put a lot of care into product packaging and into the instructions for the seeds’ storage.

If you need more details and updates on cannabis legalization and cultivation laws status, just take a glimpse at our blog, which provides the latest news on cannabis seed thanks to a constant update by our experts or, in alternative, search the answers to your questions on our Instagram or Facebook profiles!!

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What is the difference with hemp seeds?

Most people think that the difference between hemp and all types of cannabis is the gender of the plants, so that hemp would simply be the male of the marijuana plant. Others believe that marijuana seeds, cannabis seeds and hemp seeds are all the same thing and the name is interchangeable. It is not.

Hemp and cannabis plants are not the same thing. Even if they both come from the same genetic of cannabis sativa, it is possible to appreciate the differences at a subcategory level.

From a merely legal point of view, the European legislator distinguishes hemp and cannabis on the ground of the plant’s THC percentage: therefore, if the level is above 0,2% we speak about Marijuana), otherwise it is hemp.

This is only an approximate distinction, that does not consider plants characteristics. While hemp, with high CBD content, usually grows in plantations mainly for industrial means, cannabis strains are usually smaller and bushier to the eye, therefore discreet; they also need more care and attentions from the breeder. Obviously, moreover, the effects are different. Being the hemp rich in CBD, it does not have psychotropic effects. On the contrary, it is often used as medical plant, for the benefits anyone can derive from its use.

How to best preserve cannabis seeds?

SensorySeeds products are packaged and delivered in a special capsule set with proper pressure and humidity, so that the correct preservation of the seeds is guaranteed.

Once the package is open it is suggested to keep the hemp seeds in a dry place with max. of 9% humidity, even better if dark and cool.

In addition, remember ideal temperature for marijuana seeds preservation stands between 43 and 47 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore the best site to put cannabis seeds at home is often the fridge.

To correctly preserve SensorySeeds items it is necessary to consider 3 factors:


cannabis seeds are living organisms, that can only be stored for a long time while they remain in a “rest phase”. This is interrupted, and therefore germination starts, when they are exposed to a humid space. Therefore it is suggested to put the marijuana seeds in a close storage unit with a maximum humidity of 9%


temperature swings may seriously damage the seeds. Therefore, as indicated above, it is a good idea to use the fridge as storage unit for the seeds, which can resist low temperatures easily. In order to avoid abrupt changes in temperature it is suggested not to open the fridge too often.


light is one of the factors, together with humidity, that can cause the growth of the plant. Not to expose the THC seed to direct light enhances the chances to preserve it intact and avoid the cannabis plant’s germination.

Being able to keep the right balance among these three elements is the key to keep your SensorySeed product fresh for even more than a year.

Are seeds suitable for indoor, greenhouse, glasshouse and outdoor?

The four mentioned above are the main cultivation methods of cannabis plants, which differ from one another for the environment in which the plant grows and the ways in which it receives the light. These are the main differences, but there could be others for what concerns the remaining elements necessary for cultivation.

A successful blooming may as well depend on the genetic characteristics of the plant, such as its dimension, or the variety of the weed seed.

Since domestic cultivation of marijuana seeds is illegal, this description is merely a theoretical illustration of these methods.

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In particular, the indoor cultivation method has many advantages if conducted in a close environment, also considering that the fundamental elements for the growth of the plant (humidity, light and temperature), are in control of the breeder. For this reason, the yield of the plant is surely more abundant and also improved: the flower is usually more appealing, with more pleasant color and a stronger perfume. Therefore prices are usually higher for the harvesting.

Nonetheless, there are some downsides: the high cost of maintaining light and heat with electric energy and the fact that the space is considerably smaller, so for example it could be difficult to cultivate a regular sativa plant there. While the Indica strain is small and bushy, the sativa may reach a significant height, with wide branches. Therefore, the choice for the right space can be very important for the result.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the most suitable for the classic method, the outdoor, having the plant no need for the normal 12 hours light cycle to bloom, because it is not photosensitive nor the growth and bloom depends on the seasons change.

Moreover, auto seeds reach maturation more quickly than the regular ones. These characteristics allow to have more cycles during the whole year and mean that they are suitable for amateur breeders. Nonetheless, an outdoor cultivation means that plants are exposed to atmospheric agents, such as mould or funguses and may suffer from temperature swings. That is why often the flowers are not perfect in quality and their prices lower.

Both in the case of Greenhouse and Glasshouse, plants grow in an environment that protects them from the exterior, since the breeder can adjust temperature, oxygen level, humidity and the soil’s richness with nutritive substances.

The two technics only differ for the source of light: while with the Greenhouse method plants benefit from the solar light only, with the Glasshouse solar light is used only in spring and summer and the rest of the year artificial light is used to grow plants. Therefore, such as with automatic seeds, harvesting is possible during the whole year.

The latter method could be the best choice to plant feminized seeds. This type of seed grows female plants with 90% probability or even more and in addition to that they produce female seeds with the same odds.

Order cannabis seeds at Seedmarket

Weed seeds, feminised seeds, High CBD Strains, regular seeds, hybrid cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seed, indoor varieties, outdoor seeds, cannabis Sativa, cannabis Indica….. Quite a lot of terms are used in the world of cannabis seeds. It is our experience that it is of the utmost importance for the hobby grower and the small-scale home grower to have access to good genetic material. Because of all these terms it is sometimes difficult for the starting cannabis grower to try and make sense of it all. A bit of knowledge about the different types of weed seeds can already help you a long way. If you know what you want and what you need, it is a lot easier to make the right choice. Even if you purchased the best breeding materials in the growshop, without good genetics you will never be able to grow cannabis of a superior quality. That is why seedmarket.com is the right place to be. In our assortment you will find a very diverse range of cannabis seeds, we have many varieties that are originating from all parts of the world and that all possess specific characteristics. The varieties we offer are the result of the work of passionate people who have explored the world in their search for the best cannabis genetics available.

Select the type of cannabis seeds

Which type is best suitable for you, depends on your personal approach and the way in which you prefer to work. If you only want to grow female cannabis plants for the weed, feminised weed seed is a good choice for you. This way you are certain that all your plants will be female and that you do not have to worry about male plants growing in your garden so you do not waste any space and time cultivating male plants. If you want to start developing your own types and make cannabis crossings, you will need regular seed. Only cannabis plants cultivated from regular seed will be stable enough later on to produce seed of a stable quality as well as stable plants.

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Grow your cannabis seeds into a plant

The space you have available is also of the utmost importance. When you only have a tiny garden or a small grow-tent you will not be able to grow extremely large plants while it is possible to grow very large cannabis plants, the term ‘tree’ would actually be better suitable, in a larger garden or grow-tent should you want to. People who have to raise their plants discretely on a small terrace or in a small courtyard in the city, have completely different possibilities than growers who have access to a large garden where they can do whatever they want. On the terrace garden of a flat an autoflowering type of weed, because of its smaller size, will often be a better choice than a regular Sativa variety that can become extremely large. In general, Cannabis Sativa varieties will become a lot bigger than Cannabis Indica varieties and normal varieties will often become a lot bigger than autoflowering types. A proper planning on how you will design your garden and knowledge about the genetics you will use is important, there is no harm in thoroughly thinking it through.

Grow cannabis plants in your garden

The amount of light available for your plant is also an important factor for the hobby grower. Cannabis plants will get their energy from (sun)light so the more light available for the plant, the larger it can become. This is normally not a problem when you cultivate the plants indoor because we work with special growlights inside, but especially for the small-scale home grower who cultivates the weed plants outdoor in the garden this may sometimes be a problem. Especially growers who live in northern regions and only have short summers with limited hours of light have to make sure that they choose the suitable genetics. Autoflowering cannabis seeds can be a good solution because or their short life cycle. This way you will achieve an optimal result even during a short summer. Of course it is also possible to grow these types indoor and in very sunny areas.

The most renowned seed banks

The assortment of Seedmarket.com offers cannabis seeds from the most renowned seed banks in the world. You can contact us for seeds from the following seed banks: Sensi Seeds, White Label, Dutch Passion, Dinafem, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Sweet Seeds, Greenhouse and Strain Hunters. This means the best genetic material is also available for you. These seed banks have proven throughout the years that they are suppliers of good genetics and that you can rely on the varieties they develop blindly. After buying your seeds it is important to properly store them so they will remain in an excellent condition and not lose their germinating power. The best way to store your weed seeds is in a dark, cool and dry space at a temperature of 4-7 degrees so no fungus and condensation arises. This way your cannabis seeds are sustainable for a while and remain in optimal condition.