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Bekijk 150 reviews en ervaringen van klanten van Marijuanaseedbreeders.com Looking to grow your own bud? Here are the most reputable cannabis seed banks to buy cannabis seeds online in 2022. Do you agree with WeedSeeds .site's star rating? Check out what 234 people have written so far, and share your own experience.

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order is always correct, very fast and discreet delivery, seeds germinate at 100%.

Very happy with supplements best on the market full stop

Very professional service all round without supplements delivered well padded and boxed always cheers mark

The service is excellent and everything popped.

I received product in a reasonable amount of time and have continually ordered from them. I wouldn’t go elsewhere. There has been no issues with anything, shipment etc. Lyle A

Even though there were issues, team MSB made everything good without having to ask.

First time purchase from MSB. I got the medical marijuana seed mix pack it came with 9 auto feminized seeds. 3 each of the following; white widow, critical and cheese. I also purchased the gelato grow kit. I used the kit as instructed. I placed 2 gelato and 1 each seed of the ww, cheese and critical. The Critical and Cheese didn’t pop/split, the gelato and ww did and are growing as expected healthy and no issues whatsoever. I accepted that 20% didn’t germinate. Life went on I didn’t complain or make any demands. I then received an email from Henk and Bob asking was I happy with my experience. I told the above story through email explaining that although I was satisfied with the results but unfortunately I wasn’t Happy. The next morning I received an email stating that my order was placed and included a tracking number. I hadn’t placed an order WTF! I then read the reply from MSB from the prior email. It stated that MSB was not happy that I wasn’t happy and replaced the entire order costing over $200 USD. Who else would have gone to this extreme? I was in shock at their actions taken to ensure my happiness. In closing, MSB is my go-to supplier for all of my grow needs they have ensured that I will be a lifelong customer. PS: The educational info on their site is short sweet and to the point. I’ve read it all and learned new techniques. If you’re new to growing your own it’s well worth the time to read. I also like the bios of the team at MSB. It gives me a sense of knowing them individually.

GreenCrack! Yay!

Shipping was fast and I received my seeds. Not a big fan of third party bill processors, but it is what it is. Until we can get Washington out of the the pockets of big Pharma, we have to play the game. MSB customer service is very attentive, and concerned about the customers needs. I’m not afraid of using regular seeds. I like that I can occasionally get a male so I can pollinate a branch of one of my females to get more seeds. I haven’t germinated just yet because I still have some other plants growing. I plan to get these going in a couple weeks. Thank You, Mad_Andy

New to growing pot

Your seeds and grow kits are great just follow directions they got it all figured out. My plants are going into flower state now. Thank you Guys

Happy with my orders!

I have ordered a few times with MSB and have had an overall positive experience. First off, the seeds were excellent and all germinated. We had an issue on one of the orders but the folks at MSB actually care about their customers and made things right. I will order more seeds from them for sure.

Nothing but problems

Buy 10 and get 10 free scam. Nothing but problems from the start. This is my second order and I had problems with both of them. The second time I wrote an email to confirm by 10 get 10 free and low and behold the order was canceled before he only sent 10 seeds. Scammmed. Go elsewhere.

Excellent products! Excellent customer service!

Bob and Henk know their stuff. I have been a customer for awhile now and I am very happy with the results. The customer service is wonderful.

Great first time experience

Being a beginner and first time grower, i have had an amazingly good experience. Bob has gotten back to me on several occasions with information and direction as i have needed it. I will be ordering more seeds with them soon, as the grow kit i purchased from them came with enough material for many grows. Thanks for all your help, i am hooked and love the process of growing.


Couldn’t be happier with my purchase Thank you

Excellent products, service and communicaton.

These guys love what they do and their passion for cannabis and customer service is obvious. You will not be disappointed. I found MSB last year. I ordered 10 Blue Dream feminized seeds and received 3 free feminized Critical beans. I only germinated 3 BD and 1 C and they all split within 36-48 hours and were immediately planted directly into 10 gallon pots filled with my custom blended organic, recycled, peat-based soilless media. I vegged them under a 600 Watt MH lamp, 24X7 until they reached 18″-20″ tall. Then they matured under a 600 W HPS until the trichomes started to turn amber. Two BD plants reached the top of my 6 1/2 foot tall tent and I yielded a few grams under 16 ounces and just shy of the Holy Grail of 0.98 GPW! I would have passed the pound mark but I lost the tip of one bud to bleaching. The C yielded just shy of 5 ounces of premium dried flower! I do not train, top or lollipop my plants. I only remove fan leaves that are no longer viable. I utilize earthworm castings and dry, organic fertilizers and minerals. I also brew my own ACT and create my own RO water since my well water averages 800 TDS. The yields, flavor, aroma and potency were great! I placed my second order with them last month. I ordered their feminized Down Under Mixpack. While talking shop with them they recommended I try mycorrhizae fungus. It so happens the mixpack came with a free bag of Mycorrhizae Mix as part of a sales promotion. I can’t wait until I germinate them next spring. The orders arrive in a timely manner considering that COVID is still negatively affecting us all. The seeds are well hidden so do not throw anything away! They will tell you where to look in their emails. They take cash which is my preferred method of payment due to the legality of our grows here in NY. Their Website is clean, informative and well organized. A big thumbs up to my friends in the Netherlands.

Great product

Discreet packaging, arrived on time, seeds A+ thank you

100% satisfied customer will be back soon

Have nothing but good to day about my experiences with MSB. I grew out their gear last summer and have some going in my tent. Ladies have been very good to me. Strong growth and great harvests. The one time that I ran into an issue they immediately got to fixing the problem. Great genetics and great customer service. Top marks all the way around in book.


Many years always success

Quality products and very easy to do business with.

The team at MSB have quality product and a provide a quality experience. I’m completely satisfied!

It has been fantastic!

Very knowledgeable and professional. Love these guys and will continue shopping with them!! They actually care about you and their products.

Top notch service and quality seeds

Easy tracked delivery and well packed goods. Seeds are all good quality. Can’t wait to try it this summer.

Very discrete, I’m quite impressed so far, looking forward to testing the final results.
Damaged goods

Let me start by saying I’ve grown for a very long time, I purchased 60 seeds and started 40, only 12 made and every single one I was lucky to get 2 ounces from it all. From the get go the seeds looked to be deformed and did not look right, as they germinated and grew they was yellow at all times and just looked diseased. I spent alot of money and trusted that I would get at least something I could work with. I am very disappointed and unsatisfied with the product I was given I was hoping to make this a every year thing but see I am better off just getting my own. Would be nice if they would attempt to make things right with me but I’m not one to hold my breath, but I’ll let you know if they do. MSB reached out to me and offered to send new orders that my original order had a good chance of being crushed while on its way to me during shipping. While it sucks that a entire growing season was wasted I’m hopeful for the next as MSB got ahold of me and offered to make it right, I’m not a big internet person that trusts and engages slot on it but as far as I can see MSB is a trustworthy company in retrospect to making things right and caring about their customers. They sent me a tracking # the very next day, hopefully these make it without incident. I will follow up in future, I seen where one can do a diary of progress which I believe would be helpful for others.

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10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online in 2022 (Ships to US)

Cannabis has never been more popular in the United States, with an overwhelming number of Americans expressing support for legalization, according to the Pew Research Center. With some 37 states having legalized cannabis for medical use, and sixteen for recreational purposes, more Americans than ever are considering growing their own cannabis.

Buoying this surge further is the 2018 Farm Bill, which helped dramatically boost both cannabis and hemp production in the U.S. Now, demand is higher than ever among Americans looking to grow their own. So, where are they turning? Most likely, to the hundreds if not thousands of cannabis seed banks found online, just a Google search away.

Seed banks, for the uninitiated, are repositories that store seeds to maintain and propagate genetic diversity. Cannabis seed banks online thus provide would-be growers with the seeds they need to get started growing cannabis. The problem, however, is that not all of these are reputable, and there is a wide range in overall quality among these vendors. So many options might leave beginning growers understandably scratching their heads.

Well, that’s where we come in! Today, we’re looking at ten of the very best seed banks from which U.S. citizens—at least in states that have legalized growing your own—can order seeds and start producing their very own cannabis.

Top 10 Cannabis Seed Banks To Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

Rank Brand Best For
1. Seed Supreme Best overall
2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) Runner-up best
3. Seedsman Best variety
4. Crop King Seeds Best for global shipping
5. MSNL Seedbank Best delivery
6. Quebec Cannabis Seeds Best for promotional offers
7. Herbies Best for convenience
8. Ministry of Cannabis Best for dependability
9. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Best for guaranteed delivery
10. Weed Seed Express Best “new kid on the block”

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Ranking Criteria

To some extent, your choice of cannabis seed bank will depend on whether they have the strains that you want to grow. We obviously could not consider that in our rankings, as it varies from person to person. Instead, we focused on the following equally important factors.

Quality of Seeds

Perhaps the most important consideration in our rankings is the quality of the seeds. You need high-quality seeds if you want to maximize your chances of successful germination. High-quality seeds also optimize the quality of your plants, including the buds.

Satisfaction Guarantees

For a seed bank to be considered one of the top options, it needs to have a satisfaction guarantee. Even seed banks with a high quality of seeds will occasionally have lower-quality seeds. The best ones acknowledge that this can happen and take steps to remedy any issues customers have. Of course, a satisfaction guarantee also shows that the seed bank in question has a high level of trust in its products.

Discreet Shipping

Even if cannabis is legal in your state, it may not be in the states your package passes through. And there are still some negative connotations and stigma associated with cannabis. Because of this, we prioritize seed banks that use discreet packaging. Many of the best seed banks not only use discreet packaging but also purposely package it to look like something else, like a DVD case or toy.

Why Trust Us

You should feel comfortable taking our advice when it comes to cannabis seed banks. We’ve helped cannabis growers find reputable seed banks online for years. Over this time, we have reviewed most of the largest and most popular stores, along with many of the smaller ones. We have taken the time to thoroughly compare and contrast each based on the above ranking criteria.

Simply put, our rankings are the result of years of knowledge, experience, and research, along with a careful point-by-point comparison.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds will begin to flower after two or four weeks of growing. Importantly, growers don’t need to change the light schedule to start and continue the flowering phase of growth.

This refers to seeds that are easy enough for beginners to grow. They tend to be resistant to mold, powdery mildew, disease, and pests.

CBD Hemp or CBD

These seeds are for plants legally considered hemp. As such, they have less than 0.3% THC. They tend to be higher in CBD, but that is not always the case.

Fast or Fast Flowering Strains

Fast strains, fast flowering strains, or quick strains reach the flowering phase one or two weeks more quickly than other strains.

Feminized seeds will only produce female plants. This is important as most growers want female plants due to their buds. Feminized seeds save you the hassle of growing seeds and then going through them and removing the males.

These are strains that are particularly high in CBD concentration. What each seed bank considers to be high CBD varies.

These are strains with higher-than-average concentrations of THC. As with high CBD strains, the definition of high THC depends on the seed bank.

High-yield strains produce more buds for every square meter. They let you get the most buds in the smallest amount of space.

Hybrids have genetics that combine indica and sativa strains.

One of the two main categories of cannabis strains, indicas tend to have full-body effects. The plants tend to be short and stocky, featuring broad, wide, and chunky leaves. They grow more quickly and produce more buds than sativa. They tend to have higher CBD levels without sacrificing THC levels.

These seeds excel at growing indoors. They are ideal for anyone looking to grow inside a greenhouse or other space.

Low or Extra-Low THC

These are strains with lower THC levels. Remember that what qualifies as “low” or “extra-low” will vary by seed bank. The THC will typically still be above 0.3%; otherwise, the plant would be hemp.

Mix and Match or Mixed Packs

This refers to when seedbanks sell packages of multiple types of seeds. They are ideal if you want variety in your growing.

These seeds flourish only when grown outdoors, so they are not ideal for indoor growers. You should only consider them if you have ample outdoor growing space.

Unless otherwise specified, all cannabis seeds are photoperiod, with autoflowering seeds being a notable exception. Photoperiod seeds require you to change the lighting conditions for the seeds to enter and maintain the flowering phase.

Regular cannabis seeds contrast with feminized seeds. They include both male and female seeds. This means that you have to grow all of the seeds and wait for them to reach the stage where you can tell whether they are male or female. Then, you can remove the males and continue growing the females. You must do so promptly, however, or you risk your female seeds becoming fertilized.

Sativa is the other major category of cannabis strains. They tend to deliver a mind high, reducing anxiety or energizing the user. They grow tall and thin, and their leaves are finger-like. They take longer to mature compared to indica and tend to have less CBD and more THC.

1.) Seed Supreme — Best Overall (*Top Pick July 2022*)

Seed Supreme is our best overall pick for a variety of reasons. For one, not only do they accept cryptocurrency, like many of the other seed banks featured here, they even have special discounts for Bitcoin. This makes it an appealing choice in particular for Bitcoin holders, as they can save quite a good bit of money.

In terms of the other usual suspects, Seed Supreme excels. If you’re specifically looking for autoflower and feminized seeds, Seed Supreme is the right seed bank. The quality is second to none.

  • Quality seeds
  • Discounts (up to 30 percent!) for paying in Bitcoin
  • Above-average strain variety
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Lacking in customer service

Seeds Offered

2.) I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) — Runner-up best

ILGM is a quality seed bank with a well earned reputation. In addition to fantastic customer service and a wide variety of seeds to choose from, they also provide tons of sales and discounts while educating customers through an extensive library of growing resources.

As far as their seeds, the quality is excellent and, importantly, backed by a germination guarantee. They have a variety of classic cannabis strains as well as some you may have never heard of before. As far as safety, ILGM has an extremely solid reputation and their customer service easily competes with the best out there. In fact, on TrustPilot they have more than 4,000 user reviews with an average rating of 4.8/5.

Considering how reputable ILGM is, coupled with an extensive collection of top-quality seeds, it was not at all difficult to select them toward the top of our list. The only real downside—and it’s a minor one—with ILGM is that it will cost a pretty penny if you want tracked shipping, as it costs $25 (compared to their standard shipping, which is free).

  • Monthly deals and promos
  • Extremely reputable and highly rated
  • Germination guarantee (money back)
  • Discreet packaging
  • Free standard shipping
  • Features all the best-known strains
  • Growing resources and 24/7 support
  • Delivery with tracking will set you back $25
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Seeds Offered

Beginner, High THC, High Yield, CBD Hemp, Autoflower, Indoor, Outdoor, Sativa, Indica

3.) Seedsman Best Overall Variety

Seedsman—true to its name—offers an amazing variety of seeds, many of which are top quality. Whether you’re after feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, or rare seed strains, Seedsman will almost certainly have you covered. OG Kush, White Widow, Purple Haze, Girl Scout Cookies—they’ve got all your favorites.

Another nice aspect of Seedsman is they tend to give out a lot of free seeds when buying in bulk. So if that’s you, you’ll reap some additional seeds by going through Seedsman. They also offer worldwide shipping, which makes them a solid option if you’re outside of the U.S.

Although Seedsman is one of our top picks overall, thanks in particular to its extensive seed variety, it does lose some points due to its questionable customer service and somewhat clunky website.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Massive seed variety
  • Free seeds with bulk purchases
  • Subpar customer support

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, Fast strains

4.) Crop King Seeds — Best for International Customers

Crop King Seeds gets points for its easy-to-use site—some of its competitors still feature clunky sites, which can be unappealing to the modern cannabis grower, skewing younger every year. Crop King Seeds also wins points for being a beginner-friendly site, with germination guides to help you grow (literally!).

With a massive variety of strains, Crop King has received thousands of positive reviews for its seeds, and its reviews are regulated, helping keep out biased or paid reviewers and showing you who are regular customers. Their reviews frequently indicate high germination rates, from 80 to even 100 percent.

To help narrow your choices, use the site’s filters to find what’s best for you. Crop King is also reasonable in terms of shipping, with $10 and $30 for regular and express, respectively, plus free shipping on orders over $300.

  • Germination rate of 80 percent or more
  • Special review system
  • Germination guides
  • Helpful infographics
  • Free shipping for larger ($300+) orders
  • Global shipping
  • No free shipping
  • One- to two-week shipping time is among the slowest
  • Targeted to beginners, which might turn off more experienced growers

Seeds Offered

Feminized, Regular, Autoflower, Mix and Match, CBD

5.) MSNL Seedbank — Best For Quickest Delivery

MSNL has been in the game for a long time and is definitely among the most reliable seed banks out there. It also offers one of the fastest processing and shipping times, so if you need seeds right away, MSNL should be at the top of your list.

This reputable seed bank also runs frequent promos, enabling you to save some money (especially over the long haul). Although they have a great range of male and female seeds to order from, MSNL does lose some points due to its lack of a germination guarantee.

One thing that does keep it toward the top of our list is its lightning fast and discreet shipping, which has helped make it one of the most popular seed banks online. Another nice feather in MSNL’s cap is the fact that their seeds have won High Times and Cannabis Cups.

  • Fast and discreet shipping
  • Lot of promos/freebies
  • Solid strain variety
  • Subpar customer support
  • No germination guarantees

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, High CBD

Quebec Cannabis Seeds is a great seed bank overall, but particularly if you live in the U.S., as its proximity makes for quick deliveries compared to some other seed banks.

Although Quebec Cannabis Seeds lacks the variety of many of the other seed banks on this list, it helps make up for it in a variety of ways—namely, fast delivery, awesome discounts, and high-quality seeds. They’re an especially good choice if you’re on a budget, as their weekly discounts offer big savings—sometimes up to 50 percent, although often in the still-great 10-25 percent range.

A few other things about this French-Canadian seed bank: It carries a germination guarantee but also has a no-return policy, which seem to kind of cancel each other out, and it also allows for payment in USD—so no need to do any conversions, but be mindful of their 3.8 percent credit card fee.

  • Germination guarantees
  • Weekly discounts
  • Fast deliveries to the U.S.
  • No return policy

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, Outdoor, CBD, Mixed Packs

7.) Herbies — Best for Convenience

Herbies also makes our list in large part thanks to its site’s convenient layout. It’s really easy to navigate and figuring out what’s discounted and what’s highly rated is a breeze, thanks to their intuitive, color-coded system.

In addition, Herbies also shares many similarities with the other seed banks listed here in that it has a wide range of top-quality seeds. They also have reliably quick processing and shipping, which can be really important when you’re trying to get a grow operation underway quickly.

Thanks to how easy the Herbies site is to navigate, as well as its solid value in terms of variety, quality, and shipping, it easily makes our list of the best overall online seed banks. Unfortunately, like a fair number of seed banks online, its customer support is sorely lacking.

  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Reliable and fast shipping
  • Top-quality seeds
  • Weak customer support

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, Regular, Photoperiod, Fast flowering, High THC, Extra-low THX, High Yield, High CBD, Beginners, Indoor, Outdoor, Indica, Sativa

8.) Ministry of Cannabis — Best for Reliability

Ministry of Cannabis is super reliable, which has helped it gain a lot of happy customers, even though it lacks the number of promos offered by many other seed banks. This seed bank tends to attract serious customers because they have a unique feature: rotating seed stocks.

This attention to the freshness of their seed supply helps make Ministry of Cannabis one of the most reliable seed banks out there. After all, the last thing anyone wants is to get bunk seeds. Another feature that helps them win “best dependability” is their above-average customer support.

Overall, Ministry of Cannabis is a solid choice, even if we’d appreciate seeing more promos offered like many of its competitors. Their fresh supply of seeds is probably why they feel as if they can get away with not having a germination guarantee like many other seed banks.

  • Solid variety
  • Fresh seed supply
  • Reliable customer support
  • No germination guarantees
  • Few promos

Seeds Offered

Feminized, Autoflower, CBD

9.) Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds — Best for Prompt Delivery

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds insists on having top-notch quality. Although it may lack some of the seed variety of its competitors, you’re guaranteed to receive seeds of the highest quality, making it one of the more reliable suppliers for serious growers.

Another aspect that helps it win “best guaranteed delivery” is the fact that customers have claimed that their orders were guaranteed, even in the event that customs confiscated their packages. This helps make up for the fact that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has one of the slowest shipping speeds on this list. This stings a little less though if you’re on a tight budget, as shipping is free.

  • Free shipping
  • Highest quality seeds
  • Guaranteed orders
  • Slow shipping speeds

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, Indoor, Outdoor, High CBD, High THC, Indica, Sativa, Hybrids

Every industry has its up and comers and, over time, some of them even manage to supplant the oldest, most well-established companies. Weed Seeds Express might just accomplish this tough feat.

Why? Because they are proving themselves to be one of the most reliable seed banks online, with fast, discreet shipping and a huge variety of high-quality seeds. They also ship worldwide and boast a lot of promos.

The only thing holding back Weed Seeds from claiming one of our top spots is the fact that it’s simply really new to the industry. As long as it continues to do what it’s doing, it will no doubt establish a great reputation and continue to grow (yes, pun intended).

  • Frequent promos
  • Stealthy worldwide shipping
  • Top-quality seeds
  • New on the block

Seeds Offered

Autoflower, Feminized, High CBD

Cannabis Seed Bank FAQ

Q: Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds in the U.S.?

A: Yes and no. That just depends on where you are! Since each state has their own specific laws, and cannabis has not yet been fully decriminalized/legalized on a federal level (although it’s looking more likely than ever), it depends on your specific state. That said, seed banks usually use an antiquated law to help surmount legal hurdles and conduct their business. This works, in essence, by framing the seeds as either a souvenir or fish bait/bird food. You can see disclaimers about this on their websites.

Q: Which seed banks have the best genetics?

A: The award here goes to the seed banks that have built a great reputation for delivering high-quality seeds: Seedsman, Crop King Seeds, and Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. These banks, it would seem, test their seeds to ensure that the strains are of the highest quality. Stick to these three if acquiring top-quality seeds is your main preference.

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Q: Does it matter how I pay for my seeds?

A: Once again, it depends. Many seed banks actually offer discounts for crypto payments because of the discreet, decentralized nature of how cryptocurrency transactions function. While most accept credit cards, which does offer you some protection through your credit card company, many have a strong preference for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Two that offer discounts for Bitcoin payments are Seed Supreme and I Love Growing Marijuana. With these two, it can definitely add up to solid savings—assuming that Bitcoin doesn’t eventually skyrocket in price one day (clearly this is another factor in the acceptance of Bitcoin by many seed banks).

Q: What’s “stealth shipping” and why should I care?

A: The last thing anyone wants is to have issues with their order in terms of customs/government involvement. As such, it’s nice to order from a seed bank that guarantees discreet shipping. A common method is to include other, inexpensive items with the seeds, such as DVD cases. This helps the package seem less suspicious. Another way to keep a low profile is to resist the urge for expedited delivery or a delivery option that requires your signature.

Q: Which seed banks offer worldwide shipping?

A: Weed Seeds Express, Seedsman, and Crop King Seeds. These will need to be your first choices if you live outside of the U.S.

Tips for Using a Cannabis Seed Bank

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your seed bank shopping experience:

  • Browse a number of different sites so that you can take advantage of any special promos that might be going on.
  • Check to make sure that the site has the payment option that you prefer to use (particularly if you are looking to pay via cryptocurrency).
  • Make sure that they ship to your country/state.
  • Check for a “germination guarantee” and, if they don’t have one, investigate their return policies and customer support. You want to make sure that you protect yourself the best you can.
Wrapping Up

We’ve put together this list carefully to ensure that you go about your cannabis seed shopping in a safe way and don’t get ripped off. So, any one of these should do the trick just fine. Ultimately, what it comes down to is your specific preferences—for example, shipping time, location, payment method, reliability, seed variety, etc. Factor these in so that you make the choice that’s best for you.

That said, you can’t really go wrong with one of the most well-established seed banks such as I Love Growing Marijuana or MSNL Seedbank.

WeedSeeds .site Reviews

Excellent, my second order this year. Most seeds quickly sprout and became strong plants.

Good stuff

I hot my seeds quick and afterparty 48 hours my seeds are in the pot allready i was suprised..thnx

Nice site for seeds

Nice site for seeds!

Prices are good even without extra Costs for sending.

Seeds look good, can’t wait till i harvest

I like how they pack the seeds and…

I like how they pack the seeds and everything, very professional

Order took 2 months to arrive

Order took 2 months to arrive. I asked 2 times about info. 1 time I used the email address indicated on the site. No reaction. 2nd time I asked info was with the system provided on the site, but also no reaction.
No problem that a delivery is delayed, but it is not a big deal to warn the customer about this. Especially if info is asked 2 times.

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Good day Lieven,

Our apologies for this, we have emailed you but without our knowledge, a number of people did not receive the email.
Afterwards it turned out that our ip number of the server was reported as a spam sender (we never do that), because it is on that list, the mail can then be blocked by spam filters at e-mail providers, without you or we being notified. . We now have a different IP number and all e-mail sent by us should reach you.
We would like to point out that our site is attacked daily with so-called ddos attacks, because of this our site can be offline for a while but will always restart and come back online.
Please contact us by e-mail or whatsapp if you have any questions.

they arrived quickly I still have to…

they arrived quickly I still have to germinate them and then we’ll see.. I think it can’t be until April or so….a little explanation description would be so nice

Is ok now

all ready receive my item

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Updated Feb 28, 2022

Dear Adrianus, the package was sent by us 3 weeks ago, it is indeed taking a long time before it is with you. Unfortunately, this is sometimes possible due to covid. We will contact you tomorrow after checking with Postnl.

Update: We have not heard from you again, would you like to let us know whether the shipment has arrived correctly?

Please contact us by e-mail or whatsapp if you have any questions.

I will look up your order and make sure it will today be shipped again.

Please check the email I sent to make sure your adres is correct.

Good prices fast delivery

Good prices fast delivery .

From the first 10xseeds about 7x died my own fault. Next 10xseeds 3xgood 1xmale 6x died .
Last 10xseeds until now about 6 are growing so fast in a short White. .
We will see!
And I Will be here Next year if results are ok!

Bad Seeds

Delivery was perfect and on time.
But I received a bad seed its been more than 4 weeks and still de seed has not germinate.

Quick delivery.

Quick delivery.
Good quality seeds.
My only peef was a packaging,but other than that great service.

Excellent service

Excellent service, fast en with care, save delivery!

Good reliable seller

Good reliable seller
5 star

alles goed geregeld

alles goed geregeld, netjes ingepakt, en alles in orde bezorgd, bij contact vriendelijk en goede informatie meegekregen..
everything well arranged, neatly packed, and everything delivered in order, friendly and good information received upon contact..

Great service and perfect…

Great service and perfect communication, order was not completely on stock but good alternative and quickly send

Perfect service!

Fast and discreet delivery

nice and good shipped

Very fast delivery and great advise…

Very fast delivery and great advise given
Thnx alot WeerSeeds

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As good as can be according to me

Well, the seeds were there within the day, two days later germinating and four days later they popped up above ground, good reachable by phone, can’t think so fast how they can do it better so that’s more than good enough for me.

Fantastic service and quick delivery

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Many thanks for your feedback, we wish you a great harvest! Greetings!

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WeedSeeds.site is uw cannabis zaden shop voor het veilig online bestellen van wietzaden. WeedSeeds en haar medewerkers zijn van menig dat het zo nu en dan recreatief nuttigen van wiet geen kwaad doet. Dat is inmiddels ook al meerdere malen wetenschappelijk bewezen. WeedSeeds is van mening dat mensen met pijn en andere medicinale behoefte aan wiet in alle vrijheid wietzaden moeten kunnen kopen. Denk wel na over waar en wanneer u teelt. Teel en gebruik geen wiet in de buurt van minderjarige en bezorg geen overlast aan buren en omwonende. Voor al uw vragen over het zaaien en de groei kunt u altijd op de site terecht voor uitgebreidere informatie over de teelt van cannabis. Stuur een bericht als u het antwoord nog niet kunt vinden. Alle post wordt altijd snel beantwoord door medewerkers met een enorme passie voor alle wietzaden. Bekijk zelf ook het assortiment in onze shop op WeedSeeds.site u heeft keuze uit: Cannabis seed Variations: Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, CBD, Hybrid, Feminised, Autoflower, Regular. We do not encourage (someone) to do something or to engage people in illegal activities. The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries. Cannabis seeds are sold as keepsake, for educational use and to preserve the DNA genetics for the future.


  • Postbus 4122
  • 5644 EC
  • Eindhoven (Nbr)
  • Netherlands


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