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See 5523 reviews for Seed Supreme Weed-seeds.Com Reviews It is very easy to get lost in all the marijauna seed banks and options available to you, which is a problem that sites such as Trustpilot aid with insight from other

Reviews for Seed Supreme

I purchased 12 got 6 free. So far I germinated 4 and all 4 popped. All seeds look good. I picked a strain that is somewhat new so the chance the seeds are old is less slim. My freebies are dated 4-4-06. So that will be fun to see. Seeing all the comments of people only being able to germinate 1 of 10 seeds blows my mind. I’ve ordered from many different seedbanks. I don’t have this problem. Take what people say on here with a grain of salt.. p.s from purchase to door it took only 9 days

Better Looking seeds then Seedsman

Hi, just received my order, and I have to say they look like good seeds, Better Looking seeds then Seedsman, whom I have placed many orders with. So far they look great, received my order fast, and priced very fairly. I will add to this review when they start growing and after I harvest.

Seeds don’t germinate old seeds don crap

25% THC Bruce Banner less than 5%

Planted 4 seeds advertised as 25% THC Bruce Banner autoflower. I have recently purchased 14% THC flower from a dispensary and the flower harvested from the SeedSupreme Bruce Banner seeds is not even that. I was alive in the 80s when colombian was 2-4% but the flower produced from these seeds is less than that–almost worthless. I paid $109 for twelve useless seeds–you can bet I will not plant the other 8 seeds.

great seeds great price

first time buying seeds from a company, was skeptical but got 100% germination on all my seeds. columbian gold doing well.

Thumbs up!

I have purchased seed supreme seeds, three times, and have been 100% happy with the business transactions. Super thankful, for such an upstanding company. Thumbs up to seed supreme!

SEED SUPREME ~ Absolutely the WORST PLACE to buy seeds “EVER!”

DO NOT BUY from Seed Supreme! I placed a recent order with this company and after 37 days and an exchange of numerous emails, the company finally sent my pitiful order! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE YOUR SEEDS without a hassle from Brianna. Not only did I NOT RECEIVE my “free” seeds I earned from this order, I didn’t get ANY SEEDS extra AT ALL. for my 37 days of trouble. Brianna (dishonest employee) told me I would receive extra seeds for my troubles, but as with dishonest peoplecompanies comes BROKEN PROMISES AND LIES. I am quite willing to share emails with anyone interested in my POOR EXPERIENCE and also willing to showshare proof of this TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE, not exaggerating or embellishing AT ALL! [email protected]

Beware Potential Customer! Seed Supreme Bogus!

Ordered my seeds from “Seed Supreme” over a month ago. nothing. Contacted customer service who responded by giving me a tracking number assigned to my order and an excuse about the service taking time. A week later, tracking number still says order hasn’t even been mailed, just a label for package has been created. These guys suck. They don’t care about the customer or the need for good friendly and consistent service. Don’t be like me and lose $300.00 never to see again dollars to this bogus site. Do your research and find a more reputable dealer/seller. You lost another customer with me “Seed Supreme”! .

I want to give these theives a “ZERO”

These scammers STOLE my money. LIARS

This is a shit ass company they will take your money and you will not get your seeds

Never order from this company they will take money and will not send you the seeds. I ordered seeds from them. 3 weeks later got a message saying order was canceled but they took money out of my bank account. Just trying to save you guys a lot of headache that I’m going through. Going to try to contact the breeders and let them know how this company is because eventually the breeders are going to get a bad name too.

Fast and easy just like I like it

No muss no fuss ,will come again

Very, very happy with seed supreme!!

This was my first order, received it 11 days after making the order, the beans look great, customer service was excellent, I am looking forward to doing years of business with you! Thank you, for making it so easy to do business with thank you.

Payment system sucks, ‘support’ is worthless

Couldn’t figure out payment system for over-priced seeds – rude “support” asked me to stop asking for help – I guess they don’t want my money !

Worst Retail Experience with a Bean Bank Ever

Honestly, I’m dumbfounded by the lack of care this company puts into it’s customer service and customer satisfaction guarantee. I ordered 25 beans and all bean banks factor in “freebies” to their pricing and that factors into whether or not you do business with them or Attitude Seed Bank or Serious Seeds. What they don’t tell you is that they don’t guarantee the quality of their “freebies” and they do not fall under their germination guarantee as they are “gifts” says the support team. I kindly pointed out how “freebies” are most certainly not a gift as each order gets the same amount of freebies and it’s part of the business model and factors into whether or not you do business with the company. So I ordered 25 BB seeds and got 8 freebies. 7 BB seeds did not germinate and 1 was cracked on arrival. 3/8 “freebies” or “gifts” did not germinate. I expressed my thoughts and frustrations about how it was being handled, but filed a germination claim on the 7 BB seeds. In that claim, I pointed out the cracked seed and the poor quality of the seeds altogether and I asked that the replacements be a different strain, one priced identically. My request was ignored and they are sending 7 of the same poor quality BB seeds. They did not even acknowledge my request. Let me tell you, I’ve been doing this for 35 years. I’ve used this bank 2 times as a friend recently showed it to me. If this company doesn’t make me whole, I will absolutely never use them again, and I’ll be filing a complaint with the BBB and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Consumer Advocacy and Response Division.

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Sent “designer “ seedsin baggy!

If your getting anything of value, find a seed bank that will send or show you original packaging.

Zero germination

I purchased feminized seeds along with some free ones and not one germination from them. I emailed the company and they sent a replacement of what I bought only. Ok ,,but none of them germinated either. I didn’t bother to contact them again. I ordered more 2 days ago, mistakingly from the same company and I’m hoping I don’t have the same experience. But if I do I’ll be sure to post

The worst place to buy seeds big rip off. This place takes your money but the service suck big time.

The worst place to buy seeds. This place tale your money and send what ever they feel like. The free seeds came in wrong packaging. This place is supposed to be professional but there. Im going to stick to Happy bird seeds .com. This place sends you the right seeds in the right package. Buyers beware. I paid $110 dollars for the wrong seeds.

Great customer support, communication, tracking, and fast delivery

What more can you ask for? Order 910778 My seeds came to the USA in 10 days or less. I’ve ordered large orders in the past and got great seeds and strains from another well known company but never this fast. I just germinated 10 different strains and today they all saw the light. I’m happy with my auto-flower order and a special shout out to the people that work behind the scenes that don’t get recognized for their hard work getting seeds ready, packaged, labeled repackaged and importantly handled with care, so thank you very much!! Customers complain about seeds not germinating and have seeds that don’t pop? I’ve been doing this a long time and use OMRI, an organic seed starter mix I put in a red solo cup, drop my seed in (drill holes in the bottom for drainage) and when the roots are well developed I replant into organic dirt and never have a problem, it’s so easy, your girls will grow strong and healthy and won’t go into shock. I don’t even soak overnight in water or use a paper towel, it’s less handling and works great for me. I will order again and will not have any worries with this company or second thoughts with future orders.

Weed-seeds.Com Reviews

It is very easy to get lost in all the marijauna seed banks and options available to you, which is a problem that sites such as Trustpilot aid with insight from other peoples experiences buying cannabis seeds online. Here, users can review any website including most websites that sell cannabis seeds online. Using Trustpilot , as well as the popular platform Instagram, this list will highlight 10 of the best cannabis seed banks of the new year, with a special emphasis on banks that ship marijuana seeds online. In addition, please keep in mind that every site on this list comes with the wonderful promise of discreet shipping and accepting bitcoin, unless stated otherwise.

1.) Seed-city.com (1,329 Reviews) (4.8)

Seed City has been making waves on Trustpilot, quickly becoming the highest rated cannabis seed bank on the site. While this site doesn’t have the largest number of reviews (there are sites with thousands more reviews on this very list), for a site to retain such a positive rating with some many reviews is a big sign that Seed City is a site to look into. With a website started in 2010, Seed City arrived with the goal of sharing their love of cannabis seeds with the world, providing quality products and the best service on the market. While no site is without its flaws, Seed City has been able to garner hundreds of positive reviews. Here are just a few satisfied customers, and their experiences with the site:

The site is popular due to a combination of a wide selection of seeds (over 5000 types of marijuana seeds available for sale), competitive prices, and quality customer service. They have tamper-proof packaging, discounts for multiple products and payment methods (at the time of writing this, you can get 25% off on all Kera Seed purchases, as well as 10% off when you purchase using Bitcoin), and language translations for over 20 languages. On their Instagram page, they have pictures of their current and new products, including annual Cannabis Cup winners. On top of all of this, Seed City gets its products from many popular breeders, such as Cannarado Genetics, Bodhi Seeds, Humboldt Seed Company, and more. Make sure you look into Seed City for all of your marijuana seed bank needs.

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2.) Nirvanashop.com (1,431 Reviews) (4.7)

With a deep history spanning all the way back to the 90s, Nirvana has been a big name in the cannabis seed distribution scene for a long time. Even though Nirvana Shop has a smaller selection of products (only about 90 types of marijuana seeds), it shares many similarities with Seed City. It has a very average amount of reviews compared to other websites on this list, and despite this it has one of the highest ratings on Trustpilot. Once again, we see a very large number of positive reviews, including the following:

As you can see, Nirvana Shop’s strengths have had a lasting impact on all of its customers, leading them to come back for more again and again. Fairly fast delivery, good customer support, and even a large number of free marijuana seeds provided with every purchase. Nirvana Shop also has a big advantage in its website usability. While its list of products is very similar to other sites, with a list that shows pictures of all of their products, the rest of their website is very clean and easy to access. Every option on the homepage is nice and big, with a little description for each option so there’s very little ambiguity. In addition, there are also several beginner friendly options, such as guides on how to grow your seeds and tips when shopping for new types of seeds. All these features make Nirvana Shop a must-go if you’re new to the cannabis seed bank scene. Also be sure to check out their Instagram, where you can view some of their booths at conventions, spreading awareness of their site and product, and see some of the wonderful people on Nirvana Shop’s team.

3.) Seedsman.com/en (16,865 Reviews) (4.2)

This online marijuana seed bank has a surplus of reviews, and it doesn’t disappoint. While Seedsman doesn’t have a lot of public history about their company, what they do have is a clear vision for the future of cannabis seeds. They believe that the history of cannabis genetics should be preserved for future generations, and that legal regulation will lead to many positive benefits for potential customers. A portion of their company’s profits is used to promote the need for legal reform regarding cannabis, attending conferences and supporting key political lobbying organizations. This shows how serious Seedsman is about its business, and that seriousness shines in their products and services.

On their Instagram page, not only will you find pictures of their products, but also messages thanking the community, Q&A’s from the team, and links to their blog page and competitions! Seedsman has over 16,000 reviews, with a vast majority of them positive. While this does give new people researching Seedsman plenty of experiences to help them make informed decisions, this also shows some of the bigger issues you may come across when buying from this website:

Regardless of these small issues, Seedsman is clearly a good website for purchasing marijuana seeds. This site caters more to the experienced growers rather than beginners, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A clean and easy website design, over 3000 types of marijuana seeds, and a loyalty program where you can write reviews to earn points for your next purchase. Seedsman even has a photo competition every year, so you can show off your own unique crops on their website. One big downside is that there are plenty of reviews from users highlighting some delays in delivery. Make sure to keep this in mind when exploring all of Seedsmen’s cannabis seed products and options!

4.) Sensiseeds.com/en (16,804 Reviews) (4.0)

Sensi Seeds, like Seedsman, has both a large volume of user reviews, ranging from amazing to average. Similar to Nirvana, there is also a deep history with this company, dating back to the mid-80s. This has given Sensi Seeds an advantage in knowledge of cannabis, so much so that it actually led to them opening the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum in 1985. With over 500 types of marijuana seeds, Sensi Seeds has been able to deliver a large amount of variety to its customers, and that’s shown with a plethora of good reviews:

A high-quality selection of cannabis seeds, the support of many popular breeders, and top-notch customer service. They even post all of their new and unique strains on their Instagram. These are all clear signs of Sensi Seeds being an amazing cannabis seed bank. However, there are two small downsides to purchasing from Sensi Seeds, and that’s they only deliver to EU countries, and they don’t accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. So, for people in the US or people who plan to buy cannabis seeds using crypto, unfortunately you’re going to have to give this company a pass. However, if you’re a new or experienced grower who is in the EU, don’t miss out on the chance to purchase from one of the best cannabis seed banks in the business.

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5.) Mephistogenetics.com (1 Review) (5.0)

Mephisto Genetics is known for it’s high-quality marijuana seeds, despite how small the actual company is. They are actually such a small company that a majority of their promotion is via word-of-mouth, so you may have missed this company in your search for cannabis seed banks. This is reflected as well in their review on Trustpilot. Yes you read that right, there is only 1 review of this company on Trustpilot, but I think that this reviewer puts how good Mephisto Genetics is best:

As Tim stated, this company really excels in the autoflower department. You can see many pictures of high quality products on their Instagram. If any of these products interest you, however, you may need to wait a while before ordering. Due to the insane amount of demand for Mephisto Genetics’ products, they sell out a lot of times and must restock. At the time of writing this article, the US store is closed again temporarily, but keep this company on your radar for when it opens back up!

6.) Barneysfarm.com (42 Reviews) (2.8)

Going on to the site of Barney’s Farm, one thing you’ll notice is just the visual contrast between it and other websites on this post. There’s an air of simplicity to it, and the color scheme was very unique. This contrast can be seen on their Instagram page too. Each picture displayes their products almost looks like it’s a professional headshot, emphasizing the best features of each plant. With a history spanning roughly 30 years, Barney’s Farm has had plenty of time to develop its brand, providing new and unique types of cannabis seeds. With 170 different strains of marijuana seeds, there’s a ton of variety to choose from as well. Barnet’s Farm didn’t make as big of an impact on Trustpilot as other sights, but they nevertheless garnered several positive reviews:

This site currently has mixed reviews on Trustpilot overall, mostly due to some inconsistencies for some customers. However, there are just so many benefits about Barney’s Farm that it had to be on this list! If you want even more unique variety, speedy delivery and quality product, look no further!

7.) Flavourchaserseeds.com (Not Reviewed)

Flavour Chasers is the first of four websites on this list that isn’t on Trustpilot. While this is unfortunate, this doesn’t take away from the quality of any of these recommendations. Their cannabis seed bank only features about 30 strains of marijuana, but this is due to Flavour Chasers favoring quality over quantity. Each of their strains is guaranteed to be a quality product that’s delivered quickly. Their Instagram highlights several of the new strains they are experimenting with, as well as some memes to help lighten the mood (you should visit this Insta for the memes regardless!) Check out Flavour Chasers for some seriously high quality!

8.) Thecaliconnection.com/seeds/all-seeds.html (Not Reviewed)

Next up is the Cali Connection, an interesting site that needs more recognition. Once again this site doesn’t have any reviews on Trustpilot, but to compensate it has two Instagram pages for you to look into. By going to their first and second Instagram pages, you can view pictures of products, events and conventions, and the Cali Connection team traveling. What makes this cannabis seed bank stand out, other than it’s strain line containing about 40 of the is that it has one of the easiest to access and extensive grow guides out of any of the other sites on this list. Cali Connection gives details on determining the gender of your seeds, nutrition and pruning for the flowering phase, even proper temperatures for growing your own cannabis seeds. On top of a grow guide, they also give recommendations on the best products to use to help with growth. This is another site that caters to new growers, and I highly recommend these new growers go to Cali Connection, pick up some seeds and learn a trick or two for their new cannabis seeds.

9.) Jungle Boy Seeds

If you’re lucky enough to be in LA, we want to encourage visiting one of the Jungle Boy dispensaries and check if they have any of their marijuana seeds in stock. They have an instagram page that’s filled with their many super exotic strains, and demonstrate their talent at cultivating marijuana. They have close to a million followers on their cannabis instagram page. They do not ship their marijuana seeds, so you need to go into one of their legal dispensaries in California to purchase.

10.) Purple City Genetics Seeds

This is another company that does not ship their cannabis seeds and you will need to buy from an authorized seller in the Bay Area. But we had to mention these super talented growers, because they sell cannabis seeds with premium genetics. However, these breeders represent some of the best marijuana breeders in California. Taking a look at the Purple City Genetics instagram page will quickly show you why these cannabis cultivators are some of the best in the world.