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Goldberg and business partner Maya Elisabeth launched Whoopi & Maya in 2016. "The View" star appears on the inaugural cover of Black Cannabis Magazine, and sources tell us the star reveals she has a new cannabis startup in the works. Whoopi Goldberg Launches Cannabis Startup for Women The company is called Whoopi & Maya, after Goldberg and her cofounder Maya Elisabeth, who’s been running medical marijuana company Om Edibles

Whoopi Goldberg’s cannabis company shuts down

The actor sold medical marijuana to women for menstrual pain

Actress and television host Whoopi Goldberg’s cannabis company is shutting down after three years in business, and co-founder and board member Rick Cusick told FOX Business the board and investors have yet to decide what to do with the brand.

“We still have brand formulations, the company’s intact, we just don’t have Whoopi Goldberg anymore,” Cusick said.

Goldberg resigned from the board on Friday after tension with her business partner, Maya Elisabeth, Cusick said.

The women launched Whoopi & Maya in 2016 “to offer safe, natural relief for period pain through the miracle of medical cannabis,” they said in a statement on the company’s website.

“We proved there’s a market for this medicine and it’s been our joy to offer this miraculous relief to our treasured customers. It has been our privilege to serve the community,” Whoopi & Maya said. “Though we’ve all come a long way, there’s far more to be achieved. This is simply the end of a single chapter in a larger story, one that we invite to continue.”

Whoopie Goldberg said she “came very close from leaving this earth” after suffering with pneumonia earlier this year. (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

The website touts Whoopi & Maya as one of the fastest-growing brands in California.

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“We’re very proud of what we did, very proud of what we accomplished,” Cusick said. “I’m sorry it can’t continue as it did but the market’s there.”

Goldberg was no stranger to marijuana before 2016 — she revealed she was stoned during her 1991 Academy Award acceptance speech in video obtained by TMZ.

Elisabeth is also the founder of the brand Om Edibles.

This story has been updated to include comments from Whoopi & Maya board member Rick Cusick.

Whoopi Goldberg tells new cannabis mag she’ll launch another pot brand

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Whoopi Goldberg is back in the pot game after her last cannabis business went up in smoke.

“The View” star appears on the inaugural cover of Black Cannabis Magazine, and sources tell us the star reveals she has a new cannabis startup in the works.

A source told Page Six: “In the issue, she’ll reveal Emma & Clyde, her new cannabis product line… launching soon in California. Emma & Clyde is named after Whoopi’s mother and brother, and includes edibles, pre-rolls, flower and accessories.”

The mag launches on April 20 (when else?) — also unofficially known as “National Weed Day.” The publication celebrates BIPOC contributions to the industry, and is from Haze Ent.

Goldberg said: “It’s an honor to grace the very first cover of Black Cannabis Magazine… As a long-time cannabis advocate and entrepreneur, I’m happy to support the launch of a new publication focused on starting conversations and covering issues that educate, entertain, and inspire people of color in the cannabis community.”

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Page Six previously reported that Goldberg, 65, last year shuttered another cannabis brand, Whoopi & Maya, after four years.

She and her former partner Maya Elisabeth parted ways, and Goldberg told us at the time: “It is with deep regret and sadness I am announcing that I have withdrawn as a board member, manager and member of Whoopi & Maya. I am very proud of what we have accomplished together and look forward to moving ahead with other projects in the market.”

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Cannabis Startup for Women

The company is called Whoopi & Maya, after Goldberg and her cofounder Maya Elisabeth, who’s been running medical marijuana company Om Edibles since 2008.

The women are launching four products to help relieve period cramps and discomfort. Sort of a “menstrual survival kit,” the products range from edibles, tinctures or liquid extracts, rubs and a bath soak. All are infused with cannabis

High-minded: Goldberg has a saintly presence in pop culture – from chatting with the Dalai Lama, making her name in Sister Act and even playing the part of God in It’s a Very Merry Muppet Christmas (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In a candid column for The Cannabist, Goldberg revealed the importance of the part cannabis has played in her life, in relieving pain and managing stress.

My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship. Sure, I’ll sometimes show my pen to a friend or share her with a close confidant. But mostly it’s just she and I working through my pain. And her ability to help me live comfortably with glaucoma makes her one of the more important figures in my day to day.

When I show her to a friend, the reaction 99 percent of the time is: “Holy shit, where did you get this and how can I get me one?” They’re seriously that blown away by my vape pen. And they should be. She’s that amazing

Titled My Vape Pen and I, a love story, the column gave voice to women worldwide who use cannabis to treat menstrual cramps and related discomfort, not to mention those with Glaucoma, which Goldberg herself has.

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Goldberg is on a mission to spread awareness of medicinal cannabis, and the launch of Whoopi & Maya represents her boldest venture yet.

According to [Maya] Elisabeth, the products are designed to be ‘discreet.’ The tincture, for instance, can be dropped into any beverage, or placed under the tongue. In the cacao, the cannabis flavor can’t be tasted, said Elisabeth.

These two products are psychoactive, meaning they may induce a marijuana high – while the bath soak and rub are not. That doesn’t mean the bath soak isn’t without effect, said Elisabeth. ‘You’ll be so relaxed, you’ll just go straight to bed,’ she said

Watch this space – cannabis-based products are filling shelves across the pond, and may well start appearing in UK stores soon rather than later (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Products will hit dispensaries in California next month – till then, customers can look forward to easy access cannabis relaxation and pain relief, straight from the shelves of their local pharmacy.

Words by Calum Armstrong

Read about the California nuns growing medicinal cannabis against the wishes of the police, and stay tuned for our feature article: ‘Women and Weed’, coming soon.

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